Moving every day increases your chance of being fit for life. Whether you come to Boot Camp or not, get out and move that functional body. Do what you love to do and working out just becomes leisure time. Hike, dance, take the stairs, ride a bike – make the moves that feed your body and your soul. Some people like to trick their mind – I just read 5 mind tricks to help you get through a tough workout.  Of course you can trick your brain and have good physical results, but why not come into the moment and have great mental results to back that bod up? Sure, there are moments of the workouts that are grueling, but they hold great lessons. Make friends with the struggle and it will put life into perspective. Let yourself be present and truly endure the “good” pains of a workout and soon the moments that you used to call ‘tough’ won’t seem quite such a big deal anymore. Happy Friday!



Moraga Sunshine Womens only class toughen UP!

Moraga Sunshine Womens only class working it OUT!


Thanks to Deirdre C for sending me this great article about strengthening your bones: bones!

Building up bones with a little bashing


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