As many of you know, Coach Morgan and I are participating in the Nor Cal Tough Mudder on Saturday at Squaw Valley!

What many of you dont know is that I am doing this in honor of my Mom. Through my years Martial Arts Training at East West Kung Fu, I have learned so many wonderful things about myself, and about life. One of the concepts that has affected me the most is training myself to turn a negative into a positive; to seek the solution inside the “problem”. Training for this event has been my way of taking the pain that I am experiencing from losing my mom, and turning it into something she would be proud of. She was in a ski accident when I was only 6 and nearly lost her leg; so my mom couldn’t run. it took 38 surgeries to save and restore it just so that she could walk! When I train, I feel her with me; now when I run, I feel her life, her laugh, her wonderful heart beating with mine, her energy flowing through me. I feel her pushing me to be the best person I can be, to live to my full potential.

When things are rough, when life deals you a hand that most would fold, find the card you CAN play. Don’t focus on what a crappy hand you have been dealt, if anything, be thankful you have a hand to hold the cards with!


Mom bareback and barefoot on her horse 1973.