Fascia is an amazing structure that, if cared for, can help your body move with more ease and less suffering! It will cost you in time and some pain, but trust me, its SO worth the sacrifice! A half hour of your time spent on Self Myofasical release per week will change your life. To help you with this endeavor, I recorded myself doing my lower body routine. So, schedule 35 minutes of your day and give back to your fascia with me. That hard working body of yours deserves the time and care and it will pay off in droves.

Deep myo-fascial release should be done after exercise. The goal is to spread out the “knots” that get bound deep in the fascia so that hydration (and thereby energy) can once again flow through the muscle. This takes time, patience, breathing and repetition. So, watch the cues I put in the video. Notice how when I decide to move, you can barely tell because I’m going deep, staying deep and stalking those problem areas.

What you’ll need:


TP Therapy ball (lacrosse or tennis ball will work but not ideal)

Yoga Block

Supportive Pillow

Bench or chair for recovery posture

When you are finished, please leave a comment about your experience. Id love to know that people are actually doing this!