Happy Independence Day! We had an excellent week at Gumsaba – classes were super energetic and focused. C0ngrats to all the newbies are Hanging TOUGH and really putting in the effort. Keep creating better movement patters and your body will keep giving back!

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to class this AM, I have included the workout we did below along with photos from some of our adventures at Gumsaba this past week. Here’s to celebrating our FREEDOM with FITNESS!

:) Coach M


Part 1: Warm up – Create proper movement patterns.

10 each: knee grabs – ankle grabs – squats – glue bridges – scorpions

10Y each:

Butt kickers – Hi Knees – Heel walk  – Toe Walk

Side Shuffle R – Side Shuffle L – Carioca R – Carioca L

Part 2: 400M Jog 


7 Thrusters

7 Kettle Bell Swings

7 Burpees

7 V Ups (Or pike ups on TRX)

Make sure to keep track of your rounds, don’t forget to count when you are tired!

Never sacrifice form for speed. See the notes below and DO IT RIGHT.

Check our modifications page if some movements don’t work for your body. 

Part 4: Cool Down Jog 400M

Part 5:  Mobility & Stretching

Soleus Release

Piriformis Release

Back Release

Static Stretching: Couch Stretch   Glute/Hip Stretch

Notes on form for Part 3: 

Thrusters: Full Squat to Overhead press. Feet hip width or likely wider. Weight mostly in heels, push out on knees, do not let them knock together. Push from the ground up and extend weights directly overhead.

Kettle Bell Swings: Feet Wider than hip width. Shoulders back. Thrust hips, let arms be the “end of the whip”. Stop momentum of weight when hips are in extension. Control the bell with your glutes and core. Keep weight in heels and edges of feet.

Burpees: Neck Neutral, engage core with jump. To your belly and core control back up. Did I mention NECK NEUTRAL?

V ups: Lay on mat face up. Engage core, bring legs up to meet hands and torso up to meet feet. Hands touch shin or foot.