Mushrooms come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, textures and flavors. They have important nutrients for your healthy diet, and truly amazing nutritional benefits. We buy ours FRESH each week from a man at the Danville Farmers market who grows them at home. He grows beautiful mushrooms, and the “hen of the woods”, (aka maitake), are my favorite. I also love the king trumpet, which Chad sautes with Japanese sweet potato for sushi filling! We also buy his Brown Beech and I would have taken a picture but we used them in stir fry tonight before I could get a photo!

Did you know that Maitake, for example, is well known for its cancer fighting abilities?

Laboratory experiments also show that white button mushrooms may fight breast cancer.

We used them in a stir fry tonight, along with some brown beech, chard, leeks, bok choy and a bunch of other colorful veggies of course.

King Trumpet and Maitake mushrooms from the Danville farmers market

Check out these YUMMY looking recipes for mushroom dishes from, were going to make the vegan pate. 🙂