“Feel the burn!”

“No pain, no gain!”

“Embrace the pain!”

These aren’t new concepts. They were probably proclaimed by your gym teacher or coach in high school. And there is much to be said for the tried and true notion that pain is not something to resist or shun, but rather a feeling or sensation that we should gently welcome like an old, grumpy friend. Please know this is not about embracing pain when your joints are screaming or you are dealing with a serious injury. I am talking about the discomfort we feel when we push ourselves to transcend whatever boundaries or hurdles we have setup in our minds. In the simplest of terms, pain and discomfort are a way for our brains to alert the body of a drastic change. Like the change you feel when your whole body is on fire after a bout of burpees. If we hold space for the pain, the burn, the discomfort and detach ourselves from it, rather than identifying with it, growth begins to take hold.


Gumsaba DIY – Single Dumbbell DIY!
Part 1: Warm Up with Dynamic Movement and 5 minutes of light, rhythmic cardio (ie: jog, walk, bike, etc)
Part 2: Activate & ROM
Set 1: Band on thighs if you have one! – Perform 1X
10 Squats
10Y Side Steps
10 Hip Hinge
10Y Carioca
10e Single GBHE
10 Alternating Lateral Leg Drops
10 Supermans
10 Fire Hydrants R/12L
Part 3: 1 DumbbellChipper – 21/15/9
21 each Single-arm dumbbell snatches
21 burpees
15 each Single-arm dumbbell snatches
15 burpees
9 each  Single-arm dumbbell snatches
9 burpees
Part 4: Core Explosion – First round do 5 of each, 2nd round 10… you get the point! 
Low Plank Body Saw
Reverse Crunch
Mountain Climber Pairs
Ab Burners
Part 5: Mobility – Choose 2 from the client app!

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry