Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp represents a long standing relationship with you, sweat and nature.  We endure, rain or shine, all year round, with tough drills that test both physical strength and mental courage.  A cross section of strength, cardio, endurance and skills training leaves campers breathless and refreshingly worked out. We invite you OUTSIDE to challenge yourself in the hardest hour you will ever love. Step outside the box, breathe the fresh air and play hard in the OUTDOORS with us.

There are lots of theories out there about the best way to train, the method of the moment abounds these days. In the end, you gotta love it! At Gumsaba, we get our sweat on OUTDOORS, and though it sometimes REALLLY hurts, we do it anyway. We know that with each and every burpee we are better humans, right!? 🙂

Here’s the treat i got today after doing the workout, a coopers hawk swooped down and chilled for a bit whilst I cooled down.

Enjoy this Gumsabafied FILTHIEST of 50’s DIY’s my time 19:02. Whats yours?

50 box jumps   

50 tricep press

50 kettlebell swings

50 walking lunges

50 knee tuck or variation

50 push press

50 single leg deadlifts (25R/25L)

50 squat jumps 

50 burpees

50 double unders 

time yourself!

OUCH and YES!! 🙂 Coach Michelle