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Stay sane, stay focused. Shelter in place. We can do this. #flattenthedamncurve

Best, Coach Michelle

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Gumsaba Home Bound DIY – Dumb Bell Chippers

Part 1: Warm Up with Dynamic Movement: 10 each

Hip Rotations – 

Part 2: Activate & ROM

Set 1: Band on thighs if you have one! – If not pretend. Perform 1X

10 Squats

10Y Side Steps 

10 Hip Hinge

10Y Carioca

10e Single GBHE 

10 Alternating Lateral Leg Drops

10 Supermans

10 Fire Hydrants R/12L

Part 3: Chip Dumb Bell + Bodyweight –

Set 1: Chipper 15/10/5

2 DB Snatch

Reverse Fly

Front Raises (use 1 or 2 DB depending on weight)

Set 2: Chip 12/10/8

2DB Alternating Single Leg Deadlift  (keep weights VERY close to body – cue “paint your legs with your weights”)

1DB Hi Plank Pull Thru + 1 Press Up

Zombie Sit Ups 

Part 4: Core Explosion Pyramid – First round do 5 of each, 2nd round 10… you get the point! 


Reverse Crunches

Ab Burners

Supine Cross toe taps

Low Plank Body Saw
Sprinter Starts (each)

Part 5: Mobility – Choose 2 from the client app!