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All of us work our bodies much more than the average person. How do we maintain this fitness level without breaking? Rest is important, (I should take my own advice!) but so is a proper warm up and cool down. Here is some helpful info for all your hard working bodies, and a video of our happy campers at the SUNRISE BOOT CAMP in action!

Ice or Heat?
When To UseUse ice after an acute injury, such as an ankle sprain, or after activities that irritate a chronic injury, such as shin splints.Use heat before activities that irritate chronic injuries such as muscle strains. Heat can help loosen tissues and relax injured areas.
How To Do ItRead through the information on how to ice an injury. There are several ways to ice an injury.Heating pads or hot wet towels are both excellent methods. Place a washcloth under hot tap water and then apply to the injured area.
For How LongApply ice treatments for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Too much ice can do harm, even cause frostbite; more ice application does not mean more relief.It is not necessary to apply a heat treatment for more than about 20 minutes at a time. Never apply heat while sleeping.

What to Do about knee pain? (an article from the NY times)

First and foremost, keep your weight down. When walking, every extra pound of body weight adds four pounds of pressure to the kneecap. When climbing stairs, that pound adds 20 pounds of stress; when running or doing high-impact saerobics, that pound places up to 25 extra pounds of stress on the knee.

The American Physical Therapy Association recommends that good muscle balance be maintained in the legs. That means strengthening both the quadriceps and hamstrings so that neither is overdeveloped, relative to the other. The association also urges that the muscles around the knee be warmed up and stretched before beginning your activity. Properly fitting shoes appropriate to your sport are also important, as is replacing worn shoes often; “worn” refers to the condition of the inner and outer sole, not the top of the shoe.

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