If you weren’t able to come to class today, don’t worry, class is a comin to you in the form of a DIY Chipper workout. Hope you are enjoying this great weather here in Cali, as much as we need the rain…Happy Monday!

moraga womens boot camp

The Moraga Warriors Chipping it down with the Sunrise (when others are hitting snooze 🙂 

Firm Foundation: Strength Training 

PART 1:Warm Up for 10 minutes with dynamics and light stretching. 

Part 2: Split Reps – form focus

Set 1: Split Reps

10 Single Arm Thrusters R 

10 Single Arm Thrusters L

10 Wall Sit Bicep Curl R 

10 Wall Sit Bicep Curl L

2 rounds

Set 2: More Split Reps

10 Low Side Plank Row to Extension R 

10 Low Side Plank Row to Extension L

10 Chopper R 

10 Chopper L

2 rounds

PART 3: 24/16/8 Chipper

Walking Lunges

Push Press


Push Ups

Squat with weights

Part 4: Run 1 mile for time

Part 5: Mobilize – Piriformis with LAX balls