To be honest, when it comes to preparing food, most of the time I’m just winging it.  I don’t always know if what I’m making is going to work out.  Sometimes what I think is going to succeed flops and what I think is going to fail turns out…miraculously.  It’s a lot of trial and error, a hefty amount of patience, some tears and some triumphs.  And, because I care about the outcome – I want to make sure I deliver reliable, healthful, flavorful, fun, unique and easy recipes to all of you – the heat is on.  When pressure builds, it’s easy to lose sight of your intention and get overwhelmed.  That’s when stepping back and simplifying comes into play.  Less is more.  My goal is to provide you with the tools for success and support you when it comes to preparing food.  I’m here to break things down into small, easy-to-follow steps, so you’re armed and ready.  With that said, today we’re going to tackle the smoothie.  One of the best things you can fuel up on for breakfast or a post-workout snack.  For some of us making smoothies may seem straight forward.  For others, it may feel like a daunting task.  Either way, I hope this takes out some of the guesswork and helps you up your smoothie game!


When it comes to smoothies, I think I may have cracked the code.  I’ve discovered that smoothies require a few key ingredients in order to achieve the proper consistency, the right amount of sweet and a perfectly satisfying mouthfeel.  Here’s my Classic Smoothie Code, inspired by No Meat Athlete’s Smoothie Formula.  It’s not going to cover every smoothie imaginable.  Rather, it’s meant to serve as a guideline for that classic smoothie we’ve all come to love.



By Jentry Lee Hull

Yields 2 servings


You will need: a high-speed blender and the following…

Plant milk (soy, almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, etc.)16-18 fl.oz.For liquid
Frozen fruit (berries, peaches, nectarines, mango chunks, pineapple chunks)2 heaping CupsFor color and temperature (cool)
Baby greens (kale, collards, chard)1 handfulFor superpowers
Ripe avocado, banana or mango1 largeFor creaminess
“Nut” butter (almond, cashew, sunflower, peanut)1 heaping Tbsp.For mouthfeel
Seeds (Chia, hemp, ground flax)2 Tbsp.For plant protein and Omegas
Rolled oats1 Tbsp.Thickener
Goji berries, granola, cacao nibs, fresh fruitYour choiceToppings – more deliciousness



  • Add ingredients to your high-speed blender in the following order:
  1. Plant milk
  2. Frozen fruit
  3. Baby greens
  4. Ripe fruit
  5. “Nut” butter
  6. Seeds
  7. Rolled oats (optional)
  • Blend until creamy and smooth.
  • Pour into serving bowls/cups, add desired toppings and enjoy!


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry


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