Its that time of year; we celebrate family by gathering together and filling our hearts with their love and kindness. Its also a little stressful, no? In fact, Christmas Day is the most common day for fatal cardiac arrest! There are a few things we all can do on a day to day basis to prevent heart disease and heart attacks. Everyone knows eating right and exercise will help a healthy heart stay strong. HOWEVER, if a person is not healthy, exercise that elevates heart rate can kill them. Certainly this is not meant to scare you or make you paranoid, but it is something that we should all be aware of. I often jest that most people know more about their cars than their bodies, and it is TRUE. I believe it is our responsibility as healthy people, to spread knowledge to those we love who do not live a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a little bit of information could go a long way toward saving someone’s life.

Preventing Holiday Heart Attacks

Heart docs recommend these common-sense measures during this special time of year:

Pile on the layers. Try to avoid exposure to very cold temperatures. Dress warmly.

Take a load off. Steer clear of heart stressors, including too much physical exertion (especially snow shoveling), anger, and emotional stress.

Make good choices. Avoid excess salt and alcohol. Too much drinking — for example, binge drinking — can lead to atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm in which disorganized electrical signals cause the heart’s two upper chambers to contract irregularly. Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

Breathe. Go indoors during air pollution alerts but try to avoid breathing smoke from wood-burning fireplaces. If you’re visiting another home during the holidays, sit as far away as you can from a burning fireplace. Ultra-fine particles in the air can be bad for the heart.

Get help. If you feel chest pain or any of the other symptoms below, call 911 for emergency help. The stakes are high. So give yourself and your family a gift this season. Don’t postpone treatment because you don’t want to spoil the holiday merrymaking!


Symptoms of Heart Attack


  • Chest pain or pressure, tightness, squeezing, burning, aching, or heaviness in the chest, lasting longer than 10 minutes. The pain or discomfort is usually located in the center of the chest just under the breastbone and may radiate down the arm (especially the left), up into the neck, or along the jaw line. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • Shortness of breath. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • Profuse sweating. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • Muscle weakness. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • Nausea and vomiting. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • A choking sensation.BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA 
  • Anxiety, or a feeling of impending doom. BOOT CAMP DANVILLE CA
  • No symptoms occur with a silent heart attack!