When something weighs us down, it makes every day a hard lift. Whether it’s our self talk, nutrition habits, relationships, or something else, stop with this nonsense. Over the years I’ve helped people change behaviors that no longer serve them. I share these notes with the hope that it will help you. 

Imagine the Most Super Duper Awesome YOU. What would “that person” look like? How would “they” act? Talk to yourself as if you are the best version of you possible. Tell yourself you are a badass human being, that you are kind, caring, loving and compassionate. Then, start treating yourself that way! If you aren’t on your own advocate, good luck getting anyone else on your team. When negative talk arises, shut it down with a mantra.

Replace items that trigger unhealthy behaviors. This may not be possible all the time, but anything is possible part of the time. Replace candy with berries, processed grains with whole grains, chips with home popped pop corn, alcohol with mock-tails. Junk with the real deal. And that goes for more than food!

Blue light is terrible for sleeping patterns. Have an 8pm electronics shut down rule. Put the phone away, turn off the TV. Read an actual book. 

There is nothing more gratifying than reflecting on a journey of hard work. There is so much to glean from our experience. Start a journal. Log the progress and the setbacks. This is your place to let it all out, and it’ll do you no good unless you do. 

When we have relationships that don’t bring out our best, there hard questions to answer. Those we surround ourselves with are most influential upon us. Choose wisely when it comes to your inner circle, and create more distance from those that bring you down. Honesty is always best, and there is nothing wrong with telling someone that you need more space.

No one way is right or perfect.  All we can do is our best with the situation before us and grow from the experience of life.

To your health, Coach Michele