We basically throw all the veggies in our fridge into this thing, but here is a version of Chads veggie max out pasta.

1/2 Box “Ancient Harvest” Garden Pagodas (Quinoa pasta)

1/2 minced medium white onion

1-2 clove crushed  garlic depending on taste

1 small zucchinni cut into matchsticks.

2 -3 cups heirloom tomatoes chopped into large cubes

1 small anaheim pepper chopped

1 crookneck squash chopped

1 head broccoli broken up small

10 medium size crimini or white mushrooms sliced

2T olive oil

1t braggs

6 olives

1t oregano

1/2 t thyme

fresh basil

fresh ground pepper to taste

Shredded bleu Scheeze  (now available at whole foods WC!!!)

In a cast iron pan heat olive oil on the low side of medium for 2 mins.

Add onions, garlic and anaheim pepper. Saute until onion is translucent and stir often. (4 mins)

Turn heat to medium, add broccoli, zucchini and squash, thyme and oregano. Cook for 5 minutes stir often.

Add Mushrooms braggs amino acid and cook for 2 minutes, stir often.

Finally, add Tomatoes and cook for 3 minutes stirring very often – add fresh basil, pepper and olives about a minute before the finish time.