Let’s take a few moments to geek out on mushrooms today.

Mushrooms, mushies, fungus, fungi…whatever you want to call these amazing nuggets of nutrients makes no difference.  What does matter is how awesome mushrooms are for your health and how you choose to incorporate them into your life.


Scoping out the mushroom scene at Whole Foods.  

This is what I do for fun.  Seriously :)

Mushrooms are the cat’s pajamas.  Along with their super nifty texture and rich umami flavor, mushroom consumption has been shown to play a role in breast cancer prevention.  White button mushrooms help to make our arteries less sticky and eating mushrooms has also been shown to help boost immunity and reduce inflammation in the body.

Mushrooms really embody the concept of food as medicine.  Pretty cool, eh?

If your ears have perked up and you’re interested in “mushing” up some of your meals, check out these recipes.  If you try any of them out, please report back.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Live long and thrive on,

Coach Jentry