There really is no denying it, the stronger our habit, the harder it is to break. To break old habits, we have to be well prepared. A solid game plan for the inevitable cravings we will experience a long way is key, and lack of preparation is a recipe for failure!

Certainly food cravings will be dealt with differently than a craving to sleep in rather than work out, but many of the same tools can apply.

Can you apply some of these tools in order to sustain better, healthier habits?

  1. Keep a daily journal just for your goal. Note your successes as well as your road blocks with as much detail possible. For cravings, note triggers considering mood, environment and company.
  2. Learn about the goal! For example, if you’re trying to give up sugar or alcohol, learning about the negative affects on the body can be helpful when cravings come. If regular exercise is your bowl, knowing the benefits can go along way toward success. To lose fat, it’s helpful to know your resting metabolic rate so that you can balance your caloric output with intake.
  3. Have replacements at the ready. If you want to stop for food habit, having broth or fresh juice or a yummy kombucha on hand can get you over the hump. If your issue a snacking have healthy snacks available.
  4. Eliminate the craving from your site. If it’s not possible to throw it out put it in a place where you don’t see it every day.
  5. Be ready in advance! If it’s a work out that you commit to hit in the morning, have your clothes out and everything ready. If it’s a healthier lunch following day prep your meals on Sundays for that week. If it’s drinking more water have a water bottle that measures it out.
  6. Stick to a schedule. From intermittent fasting to exercising more, consistency is key to lasting habit change.

Preparing yourselves for the behavior you want and you will invite more positive health changes into your life.

To your health,

Coach Michelle