The Big Holiday Challenge is hitting stride now and you should all be keeping track of your progress in your Challenge Log. Remember, you need to keep tight track to get full points! HONESTY is what this is all about. You can not fail the challenge; so take this opportunity to be very honest with yourself.


Mini challenge 2: Know your heart.

This challenge has 2 parts and must be completed by Sunday 12/9/12.

1) Take your resting heart rate before getting out of bed. Feel your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to get your Resting Heart Rate.

2) Run one mile this week. Run as hard as your body lets you and walk some if you like. It MUST be done on a treadmill, at a field or logged by a device so its accurate. The second you are done take your blood pressure as described here. Write this BP down on in your log.