TRX suspension trainers are a great, portable way to build muscle without heavy equipment. If you have a TRX at home try this DIY, and if you don’t, its a great holiday gift!!! Building power is the goal of todays DIY, and this most likely requires a higher work/rest ration than you are used to. In order to build up the phosphagen system, which is our power system, we have to allow the full body to rest for 3-6 times the amount of time that the exercise was performed. I know, its a lot of waiting around, but its a good time to work on your mental game. And, if you don’t feel tired enough to want to wait then you can go faster or deepen your angle on the TRX!

TRX Anaerobix

Warm up: use your client portal. Jog 1 mile.

Stretch: chest, shoulders, traps, quads, hams calves.


Perform each of these intervals for 30 seconds at maximum speed. REST FOR 90 Seconds. Yes, 90. This allows the phosphagen system to replenish itself fully so that you can build POWER. Again, if you dont feel you need to rest for that long, do it anyway, and next time go with a more severe angle and faster reps!

Set 1: 30 seconds TRX Inverted Row  (that means shoulders align directly under straps)

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat set 1 3x including rests

Set 2: 30 seconds TRX Suspended Push Ups (this means feet in straps – regression is to put one foot on the ground and one in both straps OR do standing chest press with deep angle)

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat set 2 3x including rests

Set 3: 30 Seconds TRX Jumping Lunges (use straps to sit back and maintain vertical shin)

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat set 3 3x including rests

Set 4: 60 Seconds TRX Muscle Ups – 30 seconds with R leg leading, 30 seconds L leg)

Rest 180 seconds

Repeat set 4 2x including rests

Set 5: 30 Seconds TRX Atomic Pike (Feet in Both straps Hi plank Pike to push up)

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat set 3 3x including rests

Set 6: 50 Y sprint

Rest 60 seconds

Repeat Set 6 6x including rests

Cool down: Slow jog and mobility from your client portal: Soleus and chest release.


Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 10/11/16

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle – TRX Partner HIIT

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Joel – TRX Partner HIIT

6AM Sunup Lafayette Co-Ed class – Coach Jentry – TRX Partner HIIT

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens class – Coach Michelle – TRX HIIT

11:00AM Cytosport Advanced Boot Camp – Coach Briana (private class)

12:00PM Cytosport Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Coach Jentry (private class)