Here are the exercises we are adding to our arsenal for the April 1000 club. To see the other options please click here!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The concept at the heart of 1000 club is learning to respect the exercise you are doing. Give it your time and effort each and every day with YOUR BEST FORM every time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your exercises correctly. We discuss these movements in classes, so focus on your detail when you are working on your own. Doing poor repetitions at this quantity is dangerous. It will form bad habits, make you prone to injury, they will only give you the results that you earn. Commit to your 1000 club in the comment area below as I have.

Start April 1, and do 34 reps a day to pass your 1000 mark in 30 days. You can count the reps you do in class.

Alternating Plank Up Downs 500R/500L

Alternating Push Up Side Plank 500R/L

Cross Rope Jumps

V Crunch 500R/L

Alternating Commando Push Up  500R/L

Submit your commitment in the comments below!