It takes a very special person to become a GUMSABA BOOT CAMP Coach. Lance and Mike are two such people, and we are SUPER EXCITED to have them on the team!


After passing through the interview and elimination process, they were asked to attend as many of Coach Parco’s mens only classes as possible. They excelled and proved their strong mental and physical capabilities, and showed real heart in both the classes they trained in and taught with us during this time. They develop well thought out drills based on our workout flow, but have diverse complementary coaching styles. They have really proved themselves to be the high level Instructor we require and I’m proud to call them part of our Gumsaba Team!

Welcome them by coming to a class they teach!

Coach Lance teaches on M W F at Lafayette Elementary. Click here for more info!

Coach Mike teaches T TH S at Rudgear Park. Click here for more info!