Happy Friday Y’all! Did everyone get their FREE GUMSABA STICKER THIS WEEK? If not make sure you get one from your instructor soon! And, our NEW SHIRTS come in next week. Keep an eye out for ordering info. We have limited quantities of drifit and some great NEW tank tops! 



Part 1: TABATA: Skip Rope – Squat – Double unders or high knee skip – Mtn climber

Part 2 : 6 minute AMRAP:

5 Side Plank Row Extension R – 5 Side Plank Row Extension L

10 Push ups

10 GB Lat Splitter

10 Crab Dance

100 M RUN

Part 3: TABATA – Glute Bridge Pulses – Locked Low Plank– XTTSU – Dive Bomb push up

INTERMISSION 1: 4 wind sprints building from 60-100%

Part 4: 6 minute AMRAP

10 Arnold Press

10 Sumo Hi Pull

10 Tricep Kickback

10 Wall sit Hammer Curl

100 M RUN

Part 5: TABATA – Glute Bridge Lock – ab Burner with feet up – Diamond Push ups on knees – Supine Skull Crusher


Long cool down run to MVHS or Soccer Lap

Stretching with bands.