Its been a TOUGH week at Camp and I have a renewed respect for everyone who is giving themselves over to the workouts. The tough workouts, the tough times, those moments are what build our character.  Those moments are what get us through the challenges we face in life. Sure, vacations are wonderful, and days off are great, but they don’t really build character do they? Its in the blood, sweat and tears, in the grit, grind and falling down that we find the great strength we need to get up and persevere. Think about the most difficult thing you have ever done. That is at the core of your character, it is who you really are. It’s not a vacation, or an easy day off, but the grit and determination you find in difficulty that makes you the great humans you are. Congratulations. You have won my heart, and certainly I hope more than anything, that you have won your own.




“Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price.” – Joan Didion



Enjoy your workout today, you deserve it!

Interval TRX*

intervals 1 minute each


Hi Mid Lo row vs jumprope 2 rounds

Split Fly vs lo plank 2 rounds


100 M Sprint


Pullover vs Leg Raise and Spilt 2 rounds

Power Pull (switch arms ½ way) vs Push ups 2 rounds


100 M sprint


Running man vs wall sit pull down 2 rounds

Hip Drop vs Side plank 4 rounds


100 M sprint


Alternating Dead Lift vs Jumprope 2 rounds

Sprint Start  vs Lateral Band Extension  2 rounds


Run 200 M


*6am Rudgear class will be doing a circuit and amrap!