Post workout fuel is critical. Without the carbs and protein of a proper refuel, your body will go into your next workout depleted, taking longer to “rev up” and lacking the ability to sustain high intensity. Proper post workout recovery fuel can also prevent injuries.

My favorite post workout food comes in the form of a recovery shake. Its an easy way to sneak in more hydration and veggies for those of you who need more of the good stuff in your diet and its a quick, easy, tasty way to recover from your workout. If you need protein powder that is organic and pure, hit me up for some designs for health Pea Protein! It’s delicious and has NO sugar.

Michelle’s Fool Proof Recovery Shake

1 banana

1/2c frozen berries of choice

1 serving protein powder

1 flat Tablespoon nut butter

1t chia seeds

1/2 small zucchini (leave the skin on)

4 ice cubes

3/4 c water

1 medjool date

Blend until smooth, preferably in a high speed blender.

Check out this post by Jentry for more post workout fuel ideas!

To your health,

🙂 Coach Michelle