Breath and mindfulness are chief elements of practicing this pose safely and effectively.  Once you have found your fullest expression, whatever that may be, allow yourself to surrender into this pose.  For it’s when you let go of resistance that you break new ground and unearth a deeper sense of self.


Reclining Superhero Pose or Supta Virasana (soup-tah veer-AHS-anna)

  • Begin seated on your mat with your knees bent and your heels tucked next to your glutes, in Virasana Pose.
  • Rest your hands on your lap with your palms facing up.
  • Inhale, lift up through your sternum.
  • Exhale, place your hands behind you and lean back. This might be a good place to stay, depending on your hips and knees.
  • To go deeper, lower down to your elbows and bring your hands to your lumbar spine (low back).
  • Parallel your thighs to keep your knees in line with your hips.
  • Firm your ribs in.
  • Remain here for a couple rounds of breath.
  • To dive deeper, rest your shoulders onto your mat and release your arms by your side.
  • If you feel too much arching in your low back, use a rolled up towel or bolster for extra lumbar support.
  • Rest your head on your mat or a block.
  • Close your eyes and relax your facial muscles.
  • Hold and breathe for several rounds of breath.
  • To exit this pose, slowly rewind and make your way back to where you started in Virasana Pose.



  • For individuals with knee injuries or tenderness, this pose is not recommended. Try a standing quad stretch instead.
  • Keep a block and rolled up towel/blanket nearby, so they’re ready to go if needed.



  • Opens hip flexors.
  • Stretches quads, knees and ankles.
  • Prepares spine for deeper backbends.


  • Energizes the mind and restores focus.



  • Supta Virasana is an intensely satisfying hip-opener and thus taps into Svadisthana, our second chakra. This chakra is located in our hips, sacrum, and lower abdominal areas.  The color of this chakra is orange and its essence is water.  Exploring Svadisthana through Reclining Superhero Pose opens us up to our creativity, intimacy, connection to all things, relationships, and emotions.  When this chakra is in balance, we develop a greater sense of peace and contentment.  We are empowered and present.  We let go of any judgment or attachment to the outcome, and find calm in the unknowing.


Coach Jentry


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