As we step into a new week, a new month and a new day, we have the opportunity to start fresh. No matter what it is that you want to accomplish this month, you can do it! Whether it’s keeping some or all of the new habits you developed in January, picking up a baton at the Gumsaba relay, or getting to boot camp more often, cleaning up your eating more nutrient rich, now is the time to plan. Right here, right now. Bust out that February calendar and put your money where your mouth is! While you are at it, mark these birthdays on your calendar and make someones day by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

February Birthdays

Judy B. 2/4

Mike P. 2/7

Carolyn E. 2/10

Jill S. 2/13

Matt E. 2/13

Andy B. 2/14

Dr. Brown 2/19

Dale P. 2/22

Leah F. 2/27

Cat R. 2/28

Coach Carrie 2/28

Tina M. 2/29

Cheers to a great February! To your health,

Coach M