Be prepared for all your friends and family this holiday with try some new plant strong, drool inducing dishes!  I made this Shepards pie for Thanksgiving and spent some big bucks on fancy mushrooms (I used 2 porcini and about a pound of maitakes) and 8 gorgeous golden potatoes instead of russets to make it extra special. It was out of SIGHT and awesomely easy! Check back with us all month long as we plan to fill your inbox with recipes that will leave you feeling satiated and filled with positive energy.

🙂 To your health, Coach M


These raw cheezecake cups are simple – they were and a big hit with the whole family! 

Raw Razzberry Cheezecake cups

Makes 12 servings – you’ll need a muffin tin, a blender and/or food processor. 


In a vitamix or the like:

1 Cup ground almonds

10 medjool dates – pitted

2T Water

2 T Raw Cacao powder

Blend and pack into the base of the cups

“Cheesecake middle”

In a food processor:

2 C Raw cashews (soak overnight if you can, I didn’t!)

4T Coconut Oil

4T Maple syrup

3T Fresh lemon juice

Blend until smooth – it takes a while – it will be sticky. 

Spoon 1/2 of the mixture on top of the little crusts – keep the rest in the food processor.

“Raspberry Layer”

Add 6oz fresh raspberries to the remaining 1/2 of the Cashew middle & blend until mixed.

Spoon the pretty pink raspberry cashew blend onto the first layer of lemon cashew creme.

Option to add a hazelnut to the top. Freeze for 4-6 hours. 

“Optional Cacao Sauce”

Melt 4T Coconut Oil

4T Raw cacao powder

4T maple syrup

Melt on low heat and continue to whisk till smooth. 

Pour the hot syrup onto the cheesecake and serve immediately.


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