Warning, deep thoughts ahead!

There are times when all of us feel overwhelmed by LIFE; you all know what I have been going through this past week hasn’t been easy. Some of you know too well how hard losing someone you love is.

Life has a way of throwing hard balls that you can’t practice for;  you just have to step up to the plate and give it your best shot or walk away with your tail between your legs. I’ve come to believe that you really learn the most about yourself when the chips are down, and that you can use these opportunities to become a stronger and better person. If you don’t,  then you will continue suffer the consequences of your actions, or lack there of. You must either choose to step up and make an honest effort or swirl into the abyss of confusion and chaos that many people have come to know as life.

Big events, like the death of a loved one, put a high contrast on what really matters. They give you a perspective that you can’t have without going through something that is painful and extremely challenging.  Temptation is out there screaming at us from every direction; that’s why so many people struggle with addictions, like food, alcohol, laziness, sex, drugs – pick the poison. We can easily turn in any direction to avoid the truth and find a bundle of crap to distract us from our reality and destroy us. It’s also easy to blame the source  or other people for our problems,  but really we always have a choice. Making the right choice or the wrong choice will ultimately decide who we become; each choice we make is a thread in the fabric of our life.  Everything we do has a cause and an effect and in this  world there are plenty of false causes to mislead us, to make us think we will feel better if we give in.

If all the odds are stacked against us, how do some of us find the strength to see past our fears and into the greener pastures that lie beyond them? What is this magic?

Its easy to get angry when we are sad, its much harder to open our heart and recognize truth, whether we like it or not. Its much more difficult, at first, to admit we are wrong, or we had a role in our problem. In the end, I have learned that its better to face it, because the problem holds the solution. In other words, to fix something you need to see what is broken. This is how we become stronger – we make the choice to  look objectively at reality and take action to make it better.

All of this is easy to say and very hard to do. I’d love to know what gets you over the speed bumps in your life,  what thoughts and processes you use to get through the rough times. You all are some of the strongest women I know, there is no question that these  perspectives will help our community become even more amazing.

For me, my strength comes from a thought. Since I can remember,  I have wanted to leave things better on this planet than I found them. Growing up, I remember realizing both my significance and insignificance by the overwhelming beauty of an old tree, of a leaf, of a flower.  I have built my life on this theme and found freedom in these simple pieces of nature. They spoke truth; removing my emotional attachment for a moment and to uncover their basic reality. They took me out of the way so i could  see the raw beauty  without my opinion making it something it isn’t.

You all have been a part in the character that I have become, you have challenged me and I am better for it. Thank you all for your love and friendship. It’s what life is all about; its what live for. Thank you.

I dedicate this post to my late Mom Carol who gave me life and  helped me find the lover, and the fighter within.

The Sunrise Crew making a coach proud! I live for this. 😉