Last week, we explored the hip-opening, galvanizing Runner’s Lunge.  Today, we’re delving deeper into this pose, adding another element of breadth and grit.  Remember to go slowly, mindfully, and breathe with intention.  Find your comfortable edge as you honor your body.


Runner’s Lunge Quad Stretch

  • From Runner’s Lunge, with your right leg forward, lower down onto the soft part of your left knee (just above your knee cap).
  • Place your left hand at the center of your mat.
  • Inhale, sweep your right arm up and back.
  • Follow your right hand with your gaze.
  • Bend your left leg and kick your left heel toward your glutes.
  • With your right hand (palm facing out, thumb pointing up), grab onto the pinky toe side of your left foot.
  • Shift your gaze upward.
  • Lift up through your heart center.
  • Broaden through your chest and shoulders.
  • Engage your pelvic floor.
  • Firm your abdominal wall.
  • Square your hips toward the front edge of your mat.
  • Stay on your left hand or walk down onto your forearm, placing it directly onto your mat or a block.
  • Relax the muscles in your face, jaw, head, neck and shoulders.
  • Deepen your ujjayi breath. Hold and breathe for several rounds of breath.
  • Repeat on the other side.


  • To deepen, bend your right elbow and gradually pull your left foot closer in toward your glutes.
  • If you can’t quite reach your back foot, loop a strap or towel around your ankle.
  • For individuals with tender knees, place your back knee on a towel or yoga block.
  • Whether you practice this pose after a nice walk, run or an intense workout, it’s advisable that you go into this pose when your body is warm and your joints are well lubricated.


  • Releases the hip flexors, quads and groin muscles.
  • Opens the shoulders and chest.


  • Sharpens focus and brings serenity to the mind.


  • In addition to activating our sacral chakra, this pose also adds a layer of heart-opening as it invigorates our fourth chakra, Anahata. Anahata is our center of warmth, empathy, grace, and unconditional love.  It unites our lower three chakras with our upper three chakras, bridging the gap between self and others.  As energy flows freely through Anahata, we are more peaceful and nurturing to ourselves and our surroundings.



Coach Jentry


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