January 2017 is history, and as it goes, we move onward and upward into February. There is a lot of change going on in the world, and some little changes are going on at Gumsaba too!

  1. We are making some changes to the Gumsaba blog in order to be more efficient with time.  Going forward, blog posts will not be a daily deal. We have been posting daily for a couple years, and it seems that posts just aren’t getting read as often. I totally get it, there is only so much information we can handle! Now, I know many of you like to see what is happening at class as far as workouts go. You can still get this information on gumsaba.com/client going forward. Hit WEEELY WORKOUTS. This will be updated every Sunday by 4pm for the entire week. If there are changes that occur during the week, like a coach sub or class change, it will be updated. Remember THIS is how you can get the client portal as a bookmarked page right to your smart phone home page.
  2. We have put our Heather Farm M W F 545 class on hold until May 1 as the weather and light have been a deterrent for growth. No big deal, we will pick up better than we left off and get rolling quickly!
  3. The Moraga 6am class on M W TH F at Joaquin Moraga Elementary is now CO-ED! We are excited to be offering the only outdoor program in Moraga, and we want the guys to get in on the fun! To kick this off, Men can attend free once a week  for the month of February! As well, the Wednesday Danville 5:30 LOS CERROS class with Coach Karen will be Co ED TOO!  Since we don’t have a Mens class on Wednesdays at SRVHS,  we want to make sure the guys have an opportunity to get their Gumsaba on Wednesdays. I know the Danville gals will make them feel right at home. :)
  4. On classes: Coach James will be coaching on Mondays for the mens Danville class, (Joel will continue on TH and F), and Coach Carrie will be coaching the Monday 6am Moraga Class, (Bri will continue W/F and James will still be TH). All other classes will continue with coaches as they have been.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback! Please take our anonymous survey and let us know how we can make your Gumsaba experience more wonderful.

To your health, Coach M



Running Team Meet up 

with Coach Karen

San Ramon High School Track

Sunday January 29 –  8:30am

Park on the Del Amigo Side of the school

Cost: FREE