Well, my lesson for this weekend is Sh*t happens!

It was just another Saturday. After lunch I decided to make some green tea. Unfortunately the tea spout was not closed, and without thinking I pushed it closed, turned off the burner and grabbed the tea pot. It was a tad HOT. I instinctively dropped it, and that’s when the water burst out and splattered all over the kitchen, and me! I am so thankful my instinct kicked in to jump away, and I’m doubly thankful that Chad and Rose were not in the kitchen! That water burned right through my pants which i immediately tore off, along with my skin.  Luckily I had brought my hands up to cover my face but some of the water still got my right eye area but there are no blisters, its just dark and swollen.

Needless to say yesterday my plans changed in an instant. One of those life lessons that make so clear our mortality, our vulnerability, and really just let us know that sometimes Sh*t happens! Even a tea pot can kick your butt. After the shock wore off, (bless Chads heart for putting up with my freakishness and being so calm under pressure), I realized just how much worse the situation could have been.

I wanted to write this for a couple reasons. Number one because I don’t want this to EVER happen to any of you. I know many of you drink tea! Did you know that scalding burns are the number one reason people go to the emergency room, and most from tea pots? Number two, I wanted to share with you that moment of realization that life is precious and everything can change in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately it sometimes takes extreme pain and shock to really see just how precious we are. Let’s all be extra thankful that we are healthy and we have people who love us and are there for us in times of great need. I really don’t know what I would have done without Chad’s love yesterday. This whole accident gave me a new perspective that I, apparently, greatly needed.

Here’s a photo of my nasty burn and the skin it took off, with aloe smothered on it shortly after it happened… Now its all bandaged and feeling much better. My tummy took a beating too, but this is by far the worst of it.