It’s Friday, as if that matters!? Every day is up in the air, and time has a whole new meaning, right? So it goes, and so we do the very best we can with the circumstances we are under. That’s how we roll, and how we have always rolled at Gumsaba.

Take stock in all the grit you have built. This sucks, but dig in and realize  that you are never alone. We are in this fight together, and  together we will manage and eliminate this invisible enemy.

I believe in you and me. Together I know for sure that we are much more powerful and able than we are alone. It’s okay to be frustrated and angry. Me tricking TOO. What is not okay is letting that attitude rule our actions. Let’s take that energy out on our workouts, and give those around us all the love and compassion that they need. There is SO MUCH to be thankful for. Yes, this is hard, but this is what we’ve trained for. Let’s DO THIS, and be stronger for having done it the right way.

Enjoy the Deck Doozie with Coach Michael and his awesome daughter Hazel today. Michael is of the GRITTIEST humans I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. Thank you Michael for your unwavering support of the Gumsaba community, and for being an awesome dad/human/friend.

Hang in there y’all. We got this. XO, M