Today at the Moraga class we talked about the importance of long duration stretching. Though it may be painful to hold a prolonged stretch, it is entirely necessary to prevent injury and realign the body. So, todays DIY is prolonged stretching! Add this 10 minute routine every day for the next week and see how much better you feel!


Equipment: Timer, Mat & Wall

Hold each side of each stretch for 90 seconds. Start gently and work deeply into the stretch over the time allotted. 

Set 1: Thread the needle: Stretching Hip & Glutes


Right Leg Crossed, Left foot flat on wall L shin parallel to ground

Left Leg Crossed, Right foot flat on wall, R shin parallel to ground



Set 2: Couch Stretch: Stretching hip flexor & quad of leg against the wall. 


R Knee down – be on the top of knee where it meets the thigh)

L Knee Down  – be on the top of knee where it meets the thigh)



Set 3: Couch Stretch Variation: Stretching groin, inner thigh and hamstringCouch variation

• R Knee down – L shin vertical, use support if hands can not reach ground

• L Knee Down –  R shin vertical, use support if hands can not reach ground

Set 4: Forward Bend  – Stretch hamstrings, pirformis, back extensors

• Bend knees until you feel the stretch predominantly in hamstrings. Enter and exit slowly.


Images courtesy of Lava Magazine, Tune Yoga, Muscle Transform


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