Congrats to Summer Challenge winner Yvonne Mink! You all did an amazing job, and it was CLOSE, but there could one winner. A very special mention to Lisa Wood and Kimberly Colbourn for completing all of the challenges and improving their fitness test. Yvonne showed 101% improvement in her fitness test to make her the Summer Challenge winner!

Yvonne started at Boot Camp last month and has been dedicated and stuck to it ever since. She completed all but one of the mini challenges, and with her fitness score improvement of 100.3% I am proud to name her winner.



Yvonne has been a wonderful addition to the Sunrise group, and will win a bevy of wonderful Gumsaba goodness for her excellent effort. As President of the Walnut Creek Aquanuts and Sales Rep for Lori Minden, Yvonne is a full time working Mom, with two kids.

And here’s a really cool fact, Yvonne was on the 1996 US Synchronized swim team! I had the pleasure of attending a Walnut Creek Aquanuts swim exhibition last month and wow, does that look like a TOUGH sport!


Congrats to Yvonne, for her commitment to herself. When asked what Yvonne likes about Gumsaba:

“I love that this is one of the only things I do for myself and I do not feel guilty about it. I love that I am nurturing my body and mind with some of the greatest women I know.”


Congrats Yvonne, and welcome to the family! You are the winner of the GUMSABA 2012 Summer Challenge!