As summer flies by, let’s step back and take a moment to honor what has been accomplished so far! The Ragnar Team completed the Tahoe Event in July, as a team of 8 headed up by team leader Katherine Dean! Congratulations to everyone who participated.

The Gumsaba Running team completed the Across the bay 12k, and Napa Ragnar is coming up this fall, good luck to the team and Coach Karen who is at the helm. Our 2018 Ragnar teams are full, but if you are interested in running next year, please email

As expected, outdoor camps have been light as many people have been on some wonderful vacations! None the less, we have some great photos of the happenings at our outdoor camps as well as from GCF…

Our Spartan Team has started training, we have upcoming trainings indoor and outdoor this month. If you want to join in the fun, there is still plenty of time as the short race is local at ATT park on 12/1. Enlist for our Spartan Team at this link – and don’t forget to join Team Gumsaba!

Last, Chad and I had our first full week off since we started the gym. We got off the grid and celebrated with nature on the California coast. We even had a whale sighting!

Check out this giraffe precession!

As summer lingers on and final vacations take their rounds let us all be thankful for the wonderful community we have to come home to. Going away is awesome, but returning to the smiling faces that sweat with you is a great welcome back.

August Birthdays

Stephanie M. 8/2

Carol K. 8/8

Kerri H. 8/11

Cody J. 8/23

Tim R. 8/28

Vanessa M. 8/30

If your birthday is not on the list, please email with the MM/DD/YY so I can enter it into the system for good!

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and fulfilling month ahead, Coach Michelle