Thanks to Coach Michelle’s detailed technical account of Glute Bridge (aka Bridge Pose), we have a better understanding of this beneficial movement.  Bridge Pose not only helps to release our psoas major muscle (hip flexors), a notoriously tight muscle, it also strengthens our glutes and hamstrings.  Another great pose for the psoas major release is Supported Bridge Pose.  This asana gently opens our hips, shoulders, chest and low back.


Supported Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

  • From Bridge Pose, slowly lower your hips down to your mat.
  • Take a full breath to reset.
  • Inhale into supported bridge pose.
  • Press your hips up, slide a yoga block or rolled up towel underneath your sacrum, just above your gluteal region.
  • Release your sacrum on your yoga block/towel.
  • Rest your arms by your side with your palms facing up, to create a gentle chest opener.
  • Draw your chin toward the sky to maintain a natural curve through the back of your neck.
  • Bring your gaze upward or close your eyes.
  • Hold and breathe for several rounds of breath.
  • When you’re ready to move on, lift your hips up, slide your block/towel out from underneath your sacrum and hug your knees into your chest, to stretch the back of your body.


  • For individuals with tight or tender low backs, use the shortest level of your yoga block – the level with the most surface area. This will provide the best support.
  • When you place your block/towel underneath your sacrum, this should feel like an immediate release of your low back. If it does not, either the block is on the wrong level (too high) or your block/towel is too high up your lumbar spine.  Make sure it’s directly supporting your sacrum (this bone feels flat) to ensure proper support.


  • For individuals with healthy low backs, seeking to deepen this pose, try the middle or highest level of your yoga block. If you feel any pinching or pain, take it down a notch.


  • Opens the back and front of the body, particularly the spine, psoas, quads and chest.
  • Therapeutic for low back pain and tightness in hip flexors (psoas major).



  • As Supported Bridge Pose helps to gently open our hip flexors, it soothes our sacral chakra, Svadisthana. This chakra is located in our hips, sacrum and lower abdominals.  Svadhisthana governs our connection, emotion, intimacy, movement, pleasure, and adventure.  The essence of this chakra is water and the color of this chakra is orange.  When we tap into Svadhisthana, we are more joyful and peaceful in our own existence.  We are less attached to the outcome of events and more focused on the present moment.


  • When you surrender to gravity and allow this pose to set in, you will feel a wave of calm wash over you. Allow yourself to just be and savor the here and now.



Coach Jentry


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