Growing our own food has been one of the most gratifying, unifying and wonderful things we have ever done together. We use organic ingredients as much as possible if we don’t grow them ourselves. Enjoy our recipe for latest salad creation “Tasty Greens”.

Tasty Greens Salad Recipe – Serves 2 full meal or 4 as a starter salad.

1 head homegrown or butter lettuce chopped

10 shelled fava beans – we use ours young, so 6 would be enough if they are full grown

1/2 carrot sliced thin

1 celery stalk cut lengthwise in half and chopped

1 radish sliced thin

2 green onions chopped, keep the feet!

8 mint leaves chopped fine

1 T pine nuts

1 T  capers drained

Dressing: give and take on amounts according to taste – we dont like much dressing since the veggie taste is plenty.

1 T fresh squeezed lemon juice

1t water

1 1/2  t  toasted sesame oil

1 1/2 t maple syrup

1 1/2  t German or Dijon mustard

coconut oil spray (you can use any spray oil)

Fresh ground pepper

Wash/prep the veggies and toss them in a salad bowl. Dry the lettuce in a salad spinner and chop it to bite size – toss it with the veggies. Make the dressing.

Heat a cast iron pan on med high. Spray a shot of coconut oil on it and heat for 1 min. toss in pine nuts and stir occasionally for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Toss capers in, toast for another 1-2 mins stirring often.

Stir the dressing one more time before you pour it over the veggies and greens, then toss it well.

Sprinkle the toasty mix of capers and pine nuts on top of each plate so everyone gets their fair share of goody bits.

Grind fresh pepper  on top to taste.

Full of seasonal nutrients, you can feel THIS food doing a body GOOD!