Sprinter starts encourage glute dominance and get your heart pumping. Another great aspect of this exercise is that they mobilize the hips and, when done properly, teach the core to control the hip hinge.

Common errors that occur in this exercise usually happen because of lack of mobility of the psoas and quads (both flexors of the hips) or lack of understanding. Hopefully todays technical info will eliminate any misunderstanding, however, it’s important to recognize that the process of mobility should never be rushed, so please use the progressions and regressions noted in order to efficiently and effectively utilize your sprinter!

Sprinter Technique:

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart, lift your chest center while you engage your core so that your spine is in a neutral position.img_1176
  2. Start position:  Sink into a gentle hip hinge, keeping knees over ankles at hip width. Step back with your right leg into a long lunge, so long that you can maintain flat back while touching the ground with your right hand. Your left knee and ankle should be in alignment (i.e.: vertical shin) Regress with a step back lunge, keeping chest upright and eliminating right hand down.hingeimg_1178
  3. Engage your left glute and push off your right foot. Immediately explode upward off your left foot while you bring your right knee toward your left elbow. As soon as the left foot hits the ground send that right foot back into the deep lunge (start position). Arms will move contra- laterally to help maintain balance and create power. img_1179img_1178

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