When done correctly, the Superhero exercise can strengthen overstretched back extensor muscles and help alleviate back pain associated poor posture. It can also help counter rounded shoulders and the negative effects of seated positions.

Though its easy to perform, there are some subtle details that must be applied in order to benefit from this exercise. Superheroes should be done slowly and smoothly; avoid any jerking motions, and make sure to move with your breath.

  1. Set up: Begin by lying face down on your mat. Extend your arms forward, with palms facing each other, or accomplish a winged position as seen below. If this is not possible, then arms extended along body is ok too! Make sure your legs are parallel to each other, and inch your legs as close together as you can. Note:  This can cause tension in the low back. If it does then do the exercise with legs at a comfortable space.
  2. Inhale as you slowly and smoothly lift your chest/arms/legs. Keep your neck neutral by looking straight down at your mat, (i.e. chin tucked not jutting forward)Lift legs from the inseam, so that the ankles are neutral (toes usually want to jut externally)
  3. Exhale as you slowly lower chest/arms/legs down.
  4. Perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Between sets, rest one ear on the mat for a 10 count/then turn head to rest the other ear.
  5. Variations:

• Winged Superhero

• Lifting one leg and opposing arm and alternate

• Hold the up position for 3 -5 breaths

• Arms at sides (best for those with tight shoulders)


Coach Jentry doing the winged variation of superhero. Note neutral neck position! 👌🏼

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