Dehydration can cause all kinds of problems, both short and long term. Knowing how much you sweat during an hour of working out gives you a tool to maintain proper hydration for your body. If you are a dripping “sweater” like I am, chances are you are not drinking enough water to recover after your workouts. Today, I will teach you how to calculate your sweat rate so that you can avoid the troubles that come with dehydration!

Calculate Sweat Rate:

  1. Ingest your pre workout meal or drink. Go to the bathroom so that you don’t have to go pee during the workout. (if you do go pee then you need to measure how much!)
  2. Weigh yourself naked
  3. Warm up, then workout for one hour. Ideally this is a full hour of steady state movement like a run, bike or boot camp.
  4. Measure any water that you intake during the hour.
  5. After the workout weigh yourself.
  6. Subtract your post workout weight from your pre workout weight.
  7. If you drank water, add those ounces back in. Make it easy and drink 16 or 32 ounces of water during the workout and you can just add a pound or two back in because each 16 ounces of water = 1lb.

Example of a sweat rate on a warm day or in a warm environment: 

Pre workout naked weight: 140

Post workout naked weight 137

Water Drank During workout: 32oz of water (2lbs)

Calculation: 140lbs – 137lbs = 3lbs + 2lbs (water drank during) = 5lbs per hour

Amount of water to re hydrate: 48 ounces (this is to make up for the 3 lbs of water that were not replenished)

Take into account that you will sweat a bit more in hot weather, so that your sweat rate on a hot day may be 5lbs and on a more mild day it may be less.


A cup that measures how much you drink is very helpful.

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