The final count from those women who attended the Gumsaba Womens classes today was ASTOUNDING. 22 women, 32 minutes of their greatest effort. these were the numbers yielded by the 22 of you who attended both the sunrise and sunshine camps today.

Side Lunges: 1705 reps
Mountain Climbers: 6437 reps
Cross Toe Touch Full Sit up: 1653 reps
Box Jumps: 1200 reps
Commando Push Ups: 1054 reps
Hi Knee Rope Skip: 5914 reps
Squat: 1958 reps
Flutter Kicks: 6467 reps

Amazing numbers ladies, it took a long time to add up all this, but i wanted to show you how you look as a TEAM. Hope you have a rock solid weekend; you certainly earned it!

Enjoy the photos of Sunshine class going strong on the GUMSABA TABATA workout!