When you’re doing burpees!

Well, there goes the first week of 2011; and for me only 700 more burpees for my 1000 club! I am so proud of you all tackling your dreams and aspirations  –  you inspire each other (and me) to be better with who you are every day. I’m so proud I chose burpees for my 1000 club to pay homage to all of you.

On that note, the 1000 club is on fire – if you have completed your 1000 of anything, please post it in comments  – its fun that so many of you are into it.

Oh, and by the way, I fully TORTURED myself today with single leg squats and my 35LB sandbag, my pull up bar and enough BURPEES to finally convince myself that I LOVE them. Can’t wait to share the pain.

Hope your weekend is restful.

:) Coach M

Before we know it summer will be here! Boot Camper Deb Mc Crory at the 1st Weekend Trailblaze, August, 2010.