I am a proud MAMA right now!!! You all are amazing people and love your holiday spirit. Who else works out like this? NO ONE. I guarantee there are not other people that do updog in a beard like Nancy, let alone rock a batman costume quite like you hotties!  I speak for the whole Gumsaba Instructor Crew when I say we are honored to be a part of each and every one of your lives. We are so WEIRD in a good way. And speaking of weird in a good way, Jean G., you win the costume contest today. That head dress and peace pipe are crazy GREAT! Love to all, and have a safe and wonderful Halloween holiday! XO, M & the G Crew!

Winners of the Free Gumsaba sweatshirt from the word scrambles today:

Sherry M.  (Danville)

Jamie R.  (Moraga 6am)

Lauren C. (Walnut Creek 9am

Diane T. (Moraga 815am)

DANVILLE 5:30 Womens Camp!



Walnut Creek 9am Womens Camp

Moraga 8:15 Womens Camp!