Well, we did it. 12+ (some claim 13) miles and somehow they managed to make most of it up hill. The event is still a work in progress, Chad wasnt able to get any photos of us until the finish because there was no directions on where to go to see us, or what time we might arrive! He did take photos of some of the obstacles, and you can see the professional photos here. I havent looked for any of us yet, so if you find one of Coach Morgan or I please let us know!

The Obstacles Were (aside from nearly 13 miles of grueling mountain climbing!)

Big Red Balls
Mud Crawl
Death march
Ice cold Jacuzzi
Chernobyl Jacuzzi
Mt Everest
Monkey bars
Rope Climb
Devil’s beard
Hold your wood
Rock Slide
Berlin walls 1
Walk the plank
Swim the lake and barrel duck
Boa Constrictor
Berlin Walls 2
Hay Bails
Twinkle Toes
Electroshock Therapy

Next year we want to have a huge group of ladies do it, so please post if you are IN! It was hard, but really the most fun I have had in quite some time! So looking forward to next year. And, if that is too far away (or maybe a bit too much for you) sign up for the Warrior Dash with us!