Here are some alternatives so that you can feel great about what you eat not just because its better for you, but its also delicious, easier on our environment and cruelty free for the animals. You can find all of this at whole foods and some of it at Trader Joes, and all of it online.


Daiya Cheese – melts, great for Pizza.

Earth Balance – Kicks Butter’s BUTT!

Tempeh Bacon – um… YUM!

Sprouted Tofu – easy to digest than regular tofu

Grapeseed Vegenaise – multi purpose spread that I love. They also have pesto veganaise now!

Sour Cream – does the trick without the ick.

Creme Cheese – tasty.

Quinoa Pasta – This cooks up great!!

Cookie Dough Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free Ice cream – watch out, this is as addicting as it gets.

Coconut Milk Keifer – balance your digestive system with this probiotic. Its SO DELICIOUS!

Sprouted Ezekiel muffins – easier to digest than bleached wheat

Gluten Free Beer – hey, if you’re gonna have a beer then do it right! This is GUUUD.

Get to know Ancient Grains – mix it up and try some out, these grains are less altered than modern corn and wheat.

Stevia Drops – great in coffee and much better for you than sugar!

Shade Grown coffee – save the forest and save yourself from harsh chemical processing!


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:) Coach M