When we break out of our comfort zones, that’s because we’ve made the decision that we are more interested in our growth than our old excuses. We shed our old ways, our habits that aren’t serving us, and burst into our greater, more inspired selves. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and exercise is simply a conduit for exposing that power. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you’re done kicking a%# at this DIY workout. Let all your doubts and those silly squirrels in your head go. Your energy will shift, you will feel more focused, and you’ll be more inclined to go back for more the next time around.

DIY HIIT Surprise

Equipment: Timer –  Weights – Jumprope  – mat

Part 1: Warm Up with rhytmic cardio for 10 minutes

Part 2: Activate – put a band on if you have one!

10 Calf raises

10 Slow High Knees

10 Squats

10 Skaters


10 Lateral leg Drops


10 Supermans

10 Plank Jacks

5 down dog to hi plank

5 inchworm push ups

Remove Band run 400m

Part 3: Long Intervals

Set 1: 45 work /15 rest – 1X

Hi Plank Hover

GB Fly

Knees to Elbows

GB Pullover

Low Plank Hold

Set 2: 30 work/15 rest – 2X



Mountain Climbers

Reverse Lunge + Alternating Rotation toward front leg. Cue torso up straight.

Set 3: 1 min each – 2X

Wall Sit

Jumping Jacks
Step Ups


Run 400M

Part 4: Short Intervals

SET 1: 20/10 – 4X

Push Press vs Renegade Rows

SET 2: 20/10 4X

Shoulder Rolls vs Zombie Sit Ups

Part 5:  Stretch 30 seconds per side

Deep Glute Stretch

Spinal Twist

Chest Stretch

Deltoid Stretch

Calf Stretch


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry