When you want to keep your momentum going, but you don’t have time to join us in class, we have just the thing for you. Grab your gear, your weights and water, a good soundtrack, and get ready to rock. Today’s full body MetCon (metabolic conditioning) workout will help you push beyond your comfort zone and build strength from within.

MetCon Magic

Equipment: Jumprope – band – weights – timer – mat – white board or chalk

Part 1: Warm Up

Dynamic: 10 reps each

Calf Raises – Hip Circles – Shin Grabs – Squats – Butt Kickers – Jumping Jacks – Ankle Grabs – Sampson Stretches – Scorpions – Superman – 400M jog

Band activation – if you don’t have a band still do the moves, but pretend you have one on!

Band on thighs – 12 each


Clamshells neutral hip R

Clamshells flexed hip R

Clamshells neutral hip L

Clamshells flexed hip L

Band on Ankles – 12 each side

Standing abduction R/L

Hip extensions R/L

Band on thighs – 20 sit down/stand up + 20 squats + 200M Run 

P2: R.O.M. – Perform 2X

10 Skaters – 10 Push Press – 10 Walking Lunge with hip extensions – 10 Toy Soldiers – 10 Mountain Climbers

10Y each:

Side Shuffle R/L

Carioca R/L

Bear Crawl forward/backward

Butt Kick across & jog

Bound across, jog back

P3: Interval Training

Set 1: 60 work.10 rest /switch – Perform 2X

Jumprope – Squats – GB Hold + Fly – Stiff Leg DL

Set 2: 20 work.10 rest /switch – Perform 2X

Low Plank – Hi Plank Knee Tucks – Cat Cow – Low Plank Body Saw – Hi Plank Jacks

JOG 400M

P4: Met Con Magic Use cones or chalk to mark distances

Set 1: Perform 1X

10 Push Ups

20Y Walking Lunges

8 Push Ups

16Y Walking lunges

6 Push Ups

12Y Walking Lunges

4 Push Ups

10Y Walking Lunges

2 50Y Sprints: Sprint 50Y, jog or walk back to start and repeat.

Set 2: Perform 1X – Modify Double unders with box jumps or Skaters.

10 V Ups

20 Double Unders

8 V Ups

16 Double Unders

6 V Ups

12 Double Unders

4 V Ups

10Y Double Unders

800M jog

P5: MobilizeBack releasesoleusplantar

Stretch: Half Pigeon 60 seconds each side


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry