Welcome to the Chip n’ HIIT DIY. A little tough and a lot of fun, this is the best thing to get you revved up for the day.


Gumsaba DIY  – Chip N HIIT!

You need weights, a mat, jumprope and a timer for this DIY.

Part 1: Warm Up for 10 minutes with rhythmic full body movement and dynamics

Part 2: 2X

10 Push Press

10 Sumo Hi Pulls

10 Push Ups

10 GB Pullovers

30 Jumprope Skips

Part 3: Chip Down 12/10/8/6/4/2

Start with 12 of each exercise, then take 2 off each round!

Walking Lunge + Curl


V Ups

Box Jumps

Wall Balls (modify with Thursters)

Part 4: HIIT

Set 1: 20 Seconds of work – 10 seconds rest/switch!

High Knees

Low Plank

Repeat 4X

Set 2: 20 Seconds of work – 10 seconds rest/switch!

Frog Jumps

Moiuntain Climbers

Repeat 4X

Part 5: Cool Down with a 5 minute walk or jog and choose 2 mobility exercises from the client app.

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry