Good news, today is a new day. An opportunity to take a fresh perspective and create positive change. Rather than succumbing to the mid-week drag, gather your band, jumprope, dumb bells, and mat. It’s time to sweat it out, move your body and build strength. Because (unless you’re dealing with an injury) it’s empowering to set all the excuses aside and get into the groove. You are on a roll!

Gumsaba Fall Ready DIY!

You need a band, jumprope, dumb bells, and a mat for this DIY!

Part 1: Warm Up Row/Bike/Walk/Jog 5 minutes

Part 2: Activate with band on legs below knees – 10 each, 1 round

Side steps


Glute Bridge


Fire Hydrants

Part 3: Perform 4X

12 Glute Bridge Flys

12 Front Squats

6 Stiff Leg Deadlift

6 Sumo Hi Pulls

3 Navys Seal Ups

3 Plank Up Downs

Part 4: Plyo HIIT 4X

12 Jump Lunges

6 Burpees

60 Jumprope Skips

rest 1 minute

Part 5: Cool Down Jog depending on time then stretch 30 seconds per side

Deep Glute Stretch

Spinal Twist

Chest Stretch

Deltoid Stretch

Calf Stretch

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry