Day two of the 2021 reset…

The New Year of times past always brought a renewed sense of hope, but maybe that’s just the story I told myself. This year feels a lot different. There is no denying the fact that we are all going through a lot.

Personally, my Dad is in the hospital and may never walk again. Complications from covid caused swelling in his spine and his immune system is now essentially attacking his nerves. He thought covid was no worse than a flu, that masks make you sick. He called covid a hoax. He told me this, he told everyone this story, anyone that would listen. That was the story he wanted to believe. It’s incredibly sad to see him in this state, hooked up to oxygen because the nerves that control breathing aren’t working.

I’m not saying this to get anyone’s sympathy, or to be opinionated about my dad’s previous beliefs. I am telling you this so that you know where I’m coming from, so that we can all learn from the struggle and get as close to the truth as we can.

Raw honesty and pure truth are too rare because they make us uncomfortable. Maybe things aren’t actually as pretty, cool or easy as we want them to be.  The stories we tell ourselves to justify our behaviors may serve us for a time, but we can only run away for so long. We can chose to face truth, or continue to run until truth takes us down.  The good news is, we have a choice.

So now is the time to be totally honest with where we are at, and scrap the stories that justify the baggage we carry. I hope that my honesty helps you pull back the curtains on truth. We will never be fully ready for what life throws, but we can be honest and sincere so that we have the clarity to navigate forward with the best intentions.

To your health,

Coach Michelle