Some of you have been asking about the Tough Mudder. Just so you know, this is what Coach Michelle and Coach Morganhave gotten themselves into. OUCH. Wish us luck on Saturday 9/17!

DIY training for tough mudder: Don’t try this alone or at home!


10 Burpees, 150 yard sprint 10 rounds for time.


1 minute each of the following 10 exercises, (10 second break between each to write scores), 3 rounds for max reps.

Lizard Planks

Speed rounds on heavy bag

Weighted sit up on stability ball

Squat with 35LB Sandbag on Rt shoulder

Squat with 35LB Sandbag on Lt shoulder

Pull Ups – fatigue to jumping pull ups

Lizard Push Ups

Speed Bag rounds

Jumping lunge with weight

Mountain Climbers


10 minutes on Trigger Point ball

10 minutes on Black Foam Roller

Now you know why class has been so wonderful lately!